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Exll  Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} + Crack Only
كُتبَ بتاريخ: [ 11-23-2011 ]
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رقم العضوية : 2572
تاريخ التسجيل : Nov 2011
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Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} Crack Only

Ignite-SKIDROW + Crack Only | PC | Size 569 MB

Genre: Racing
Developer: Nemesys Games
Publisher: Just A Game GmbH
Release Date : 2011
Languages: English

Every race is different in Ignite. Each race brings something new as players try to win by using their own tactics. The score system in Ignite allows for tactics to be used during a race. Gathering score allows the use of nitro in the race and converts to time bonus at the end. So short term usage of nitro can help the players get out of situations ahead of the others but using a lot of nitro and thus score may cost him the game. There are different methods of gathering score (drafting, hitting objects, drifting) and some cars are more suited for a method then the other. Choosing the right car for the preferred method and playing out your strategy will make the player win the game.

Single and multiplayer game: a 35 races long single player campaign played at 7 locations. Multiplayer game up to 5 players.
3 Brand new modes of game play:
Race mode: A new twist to the racing genre: Players can gather score and burn it away to get ahead or collect score and jump to the front at the end of the race when it is converted into time bonus.
Knock-Out mode: At the end of each lap, the last player gets knocked out of the race. Those who remain, get a score bonus.
Run-Out mode: Players start with a set amount of score, but it is gradually running out. Players may replenish some of their score with stunts or burn some of it away as nitro but if their score runs down to zero they lose the game.
3 different types of racing cars: The American muscle, the street and the race cars all have a certain feel which requires different driving technique.
Various configuration for each car: All vehicles have different settings which makes them suitable for different races or driving styles.
30 Achievements: A full achievement system to award stunts and special skills and also to teach some of the techniques in the game.
Leaderboard: A worldwide leaderboard for each racetrack.
Car damage: cars get damaged which does not influence the handling.
Random atmospheres: From sunshiny, to fogy the same racetrack may have a very different feel in two races.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, or Windows 7
Processor: Intel® Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz
Memory: 256 MB RAM (Recommended: 512 MB RAM)
Hard disk space: 950MB
Video: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible video card with minimum 512MB memory
Sound: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible sound card
DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c or above

Screen Short

Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} Crack Only

Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} Crack Only

Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} Crack Only

Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} Crack Only

Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} Crack Only

1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder to the game installation
5. Play the game
6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!

Ignite-SKIDROW {569Mb} Crack Only

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Ignite-SKIDROW Crack Only

Ignite-SKIDROW V569MbC + Crack Only

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